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Stop paying so much for your compatible ink cartridges! What do you really know about remanufactured printer ink cartridges? Do you know how much money quality replacement ink cartridges can save on your printer budget? The cost to replace your ink cartridges may be cheap, but the quality is not. Each time you purchase a brand name (OEM) printer cartridge, you can easily pay double what you should pay. I know this from several years of experience! Don't buy another replacement cartridge for your inkjet printer until you've read this... Five minutes could immediately save you half of your printer budget!

 Myth # 1 Quality Print

 Most people think that discount printer ink cartridges don't produce as good of quality print as the brand name printer cartridges. However, I've learned that simply isn't true. For over twenty years I've been using high quality discount ink cartridges, instead of brand name printer ink cartridges. The quality of print has been consistently as good or better than the original printer cartridges.

Compatible printer ink cartridges are manufactured to the very same standards as your brand name inkjet cartridges. A good reputable ink cartridge manufacturer will guarantee their cartridges to be as good or better than the original ink cartridge... and they will stand behind their cartridges with a money back guarantee. So, just because you get cheaper ink cartridges, don't be deceived. The quality of the print is outstanding.

Want to know something else that's very interesting about some of the major printer companies? They are also selling you replacement or compatible printer ink cartridges. But that's not the point. The point is you're paying full price from them. Check this out the next time you look at their package label. See if it says "manufactured from new and recycled parts". Any more questions about quality?

Myth #2: Quantity Print

Another myth about using remanufactured inkjet cartridges is that you won't be able to print as many pages. In my experience I found that, in most cases, I got more pages of printing using quality refill cartridges. You ask how is that possible? After extensive researching of quality replacement cartridges, I found some interesting facts.

First, many of the brand name inkjet cartridges are not filled to full capacity. That's right, many fill the cartridge with ink to as little as 50% of capacity. It's no wonder some studies have shown that the same cartridge refilled to capacity can double the number of pages you print.

Second, the original equipment manufactures (OEM) do print the number of pages you can expect to print as part of their printer cartridge specifications. They are upfront and honest when telling you how many pages you can expect to print using their printer cartridges. It's what some companies don't say about full printer ink cartridge capacity that is troublesome.

Third, many quality manufacturers (that make compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges), fill their cartridges to capacity. Remember, these replacement cartridges are manufactured to the same specifications as the original ink or toner printer cartridges. When this happens, you will get significantly more pages of print from the very same size printer cartridge... as stated above, some studies have shown you get double the pages with some ink cartridges.

When I finally figured out how much I was paying per page, I found out that I was saving from 50% to 75% on my printer budget, depending on what type of inkjet or Deskjet printer I was using.

Myth #3: Voided Warranty

Finally, another myth many people believe is that using compatible or remanufactured ink cartridges will void their warranty. Again, this is not true... in fact it is against the law. Many major printer companies spend thousands of dollars a year to discourage you from even trying a generic printer ink cartridge. What traditionally has happened, is that some the printer companies have adopted the marketing practices of the cell phone and razor blade industries. They charge a low fee for the printer, but more than make it up with the ongoing cost of purchasing their printer ink cartridges. Don't believe everything you are told until you've had a chance to prove the facts for yourself.

Get High Quality Printer Ink Cartridges at Cheap Prices... Guaranteed!

When it's time for a cartridge refill, don't just run out and buy another brand name printer cartridge. If you want to get the best deal on high quality ink cartridges, then do yourself a favor. Just try a compatible replacement or remanufactured ink cartridge refill from a reputable online company. You will get cheap printer ink and cartridges, but these printer ink cartridges will give you superior quality! Start cutting your printer budget in half today when you purchase discount printer ink cartridges and toner.

A word of caution: It is very critical that you purchase your cheaper printer ink cartridges from reliable online companies. Check out a few of these reputable online printer ink companies. You can easily look up your exact printer cartridge. Then, compare their prices with what you have typically been paying.

But that's not all... You need to check the total cost of your purchase. Besides double checking the companies cartridge guarantee, be sure to check the cost of shipping your order and how long it takes for your order to arrive. Once you've done this you'll get the best deals on your printer ink cartridges refills.

For your convenience I have listed below two of the best companies I've personally dealt with over the years. Check them out. Don't forget to use the guidelines provided on the Editors Choice page.

If you want to have a good experience, a solid warranty, quality service and superior printing, buy your next printer ink cartridge from a reputable online company. I was certainly glad I did. I can't tell you how many thousands of dollars I've saved over the past twenty years. You can do the same. I would never purchase anything but a quality compatible printer ink cartridge.


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